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Warp vs. Gantry - Framework Comparison

Demystifying Front-End Code Quality of Warp and Gantry


I was looking through the code for the Gantry Framework, and I was shocked to find out how it does its LESS compilation: server-side. This came as a shock to me, as having worked with the WARP theme framework, I had thought most template providers had moved on to compiling client-side.

Of course, I do realize there are many benefits to using server-side compilation:

  • Browser-agnostic, as it's done on the server
  • Better integration with PHP variables
  • PHP-generated mixins, and even user-generated mixins
  • Proprietary abilities

But I thought about it more, and I realized RocketTheme has it all wrong. The pros far outweigh the cons:

  • Unmaintainable: can not update with the latest less.js, and gain awesome abilities like &:extends()
  • No live previews (less.js does this, and that's what makes LESS so awesome)
  • Non-updatable: because users may update their LESS that works with the latest compiler, it could cause the entire template to break
  • Unreliable: because you're not using the official LESS compiler, there's a good chance users could exploit the compile API

So plain and simple: RocketTheme got it wrong!.

All of this got me thinking: how do both frameworks compare, and does this change anything when deciding which framework is best for a new template project?. I was determined to find out.

What follows is my adventures perusing the code of both UIKit and RocketThemes' Gantry UI Framework. I will now go over some of the good and bad things between these two frameworks.

Site Upgrade Notice

Stuff That's Going to Be Changed and Removed


I am upgrading to Joomla 3... plain and simple. And though I have been mainly inactive on this site for quite some time, this site will shortly be undergoing some changes which will affect you, my users. I will list them below, in point form:

Top Mac Development Apps for 2012

The Best Mac Apps for Web Dev

You may have no idea, but I recently got my Hakintosh running, and have had a functional PC running Mac OS for over 2 months now. All I have to say is --- AWESOME. I was always really annoyed by how Apple kept all their parts pretty much glued together on their machines. Point is, I've been using Mac, and I now have a good idea of what makes for a nice development experience. In this article, I hope to go over some of the coolest 8 trending apps for web development.

Why ARIA - Design for the Blind Is Design for the Future

Why You Should Start Using WAI-ARIA

This afternoon, I was privileged enough to view a very interesting video on This video detailed the new technologies that have come out for blind people on the web in the last few decades.

TED: Ron McCallum - How Technology Allowed Me to Read

The video got me thinking about how if we start our designs with accessibility in mind, we can elleviate many problems that come with large-scale application development.

In this article, I hope to show you some of the coolest new things we can do to make our webpages the most accessible webpages we can. In doing so, I hope that you can gain insight into potentially improving your application development workflow.

Top Free Online Coding Courses

Start Coding Today for Free

Why you should start learning to code, no matter what discipline you are in.

New Site Live

Changes for the 2013 Version of This Site

Top Flaws of Today's CMS's

Today's CMS all lack some very important features. Although they can be perfect for the individual blogger, for larger coorporations, deciding between a CMS and a normal website can be an important decision.