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  1. 2009: Build First Website

    A close friend asks me to build a website for his fraternity. I am in University, so I do so using what I discover as a CMS. I begin my self-learning process with the help of online tools like and Pluralsight

  2. 2009: Graphic Designer

    I get my first job as a graphic designer at HireGround software job board. At this time, I know I am passionate about UI design and UX, so I focus on providing intuitive user interfaces for the developers. The web is really just in its infancy, however; modern tools like Bootstrap have only just been introduced. The product we are working on is built on legacy PHP and the Symfony framework. And yet, as I delve further and further in to web development, I find I like it more and more. At the end of my internship, I find myself writing postgres queries, checking in SVN code, and designing in HTML and CSS.

  3. 2010-2014: University (BA)

    As I continued my education at University of Calgary, I began broadening my knowledge on other topics. I had started my education in an Arts degree, but I knew that Computer Science was the path forward. Switching majors would require a wealth of mathematics and logic courses. By the time I had finished my study abroad semester in University de Rennes 2, it made the most sense to continue with the arts degree; I already had ample experience dealing with websites, and I could also get a minor in computer science.

  4. 2013: Web Developer at Mantaray Creative

    The next summer, I found a job at a local Calgary marketing agency. As the only developer on staff, I was tasked with implementing website designs handed off from the graphic designer.


    • Design, code, and implement user interfaces
    • Work with a team of designers on small to large-scale projects and meet deadlines
    • Provide detailed estimates, deliver presentations and walkthroughs on completed software
    • Optimize database queries/backends (NoSQL, SQL, FileMaker)
    • Migrate databases, implement, install, customize CMS (Expression Engine, Wordpress, Joomla)
    • Configure and code server-side applications, writing maintainable, testable code (PHP, NodeJS, ASP)
  5. -

    Into my last semester in University, I get my first real web development job, working for a mortgage broker, working on their CRM software. I start part-time, and eventually move to Edmonton to work in their office.


    • Implement and optimize CRM, CMS, and client-side systems
    • Integrate database systems, perform database queries, implement maintain search functionalities
    • Optimize online system design, user interface. Perform design heuristics, evaluate user interfaces, optimize for usability (UX)
    • Work closely with on-site customers to deliver functioning prototypes as per their feedback
  6. - : Independent Contractor

    A friend explains to me the benefits of running my own business. I soon after decide to start my own contracting business, with several prospective clients.


    • Work closely with various clients to deliver working, interactive web software, with a focus on on-site development
    • Perform website performance audits; collaborate on front-end UI with in-house engineers
    • Manage company expenditures and expenses
  7. - : TA at Lighthouse Labs

    Through volunteering at the HTML 500 event, I find myself teaching students how to write websites and applications.

  8. - : Hitachi ID

    Upon returning from my trip to Hawaii, I find a job as an Angular UI Developer at Hitachi ID, working on security software that manages enterprise logins and automated onboarding.


    • Optimize, support, and maintain Angular 2, Typescript UI
    • Integrate UI with C++ JSON API
    • Diagnose, fix, and report UI bugs
    • Write end-to-end tests in Ruby and Python (Webdriver, Selenium)
    • Ensure TDD development in Jasmine and Karma and 100% code coverage