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Playground Samples

Samples of my work which can be found on codepen

  • Directory Lister in Pure CSS

    A proof-of-concept design for a directory lister

  • LG G5 Settings Menu in Pure CSS

    Showcases how you only need CSS to replicate an Android settings screen

  • Dota 2 Loading Screen

    As an avid dota 2 player, I wanted to recreate the loading screen in pure CSS. Success!

  • Material Input in Pure CSS

    Over 10000 stars. A simple idea can garner huge success

  • Windows Blue Screen in Pure CSS

    The famous Blue Screen of Death in pure CSS

  • 7zip Extraction Window

    A direct replication of the 7zip software for Windows in pure CSS and HTML. Can you tell the difference?

  • MX Player in Pure CSS

    A pure replication of the MX Player Android app

  • Material Design Checkboxes

    An innovative, accessible approach to material design checkboxes. Check out the usage of background: url(), including SVG.