• Cody Darveau

    This is a static HTML website I created for my musician friend. The markup is clean HTML5, and uses no javascript whatsoever

  • POKéMON Zone

    This is a simple emberjs site that lists all the POKéMON. Eventually, I want to allow comparisons between POKéMON, but for now, the site lets you see the stats. Check out the usage of meter element!



See my github for more projects

Playground Samples

Samples of my work which can be found on codepen

  • LG G5 Settings Menu in Pure CSS

    Showcases how you only need CSS to replicate an Android settings screen

  • Dota 2 Loading Screen

    As an avid dota 2 player, I wanted to recreate the loading screen in pure CSS. Success!

  • Material Input in Pure CSS

    Over 10000 stars. A simple idea can garner huge success

  • Windows Blue Screen in Pure CSS

    The famous Blue Screen of Death in pure CSS

  • 7zip Extraction Window

    A direct replication of the 7zip software for Windows in pure CSS and HTML. Can you tell the difference?